Three Element Restaurant Model

Consider your restaurant business to be made up of three circles:

Three P Diagram


  • Place is where the action is.  It’s your physical location (your restaurant) and includes all the parts your customers can see and experience.  Most importantly, it’s the point where your Product and your Patrons meet.
  • Patrons are your customers.  The real people who shop up (or you would like to show up) at your Place.
  • Product is the food and drink you create and sell to your Patrons in your Place.

The restaurant business is pretty simple (but insanely difficult): Create a Place where Patrons visit (often) and buy your Products.  And, you know exactly what part of the business you are working on at any point.

Restaurant marketing should be broken into three buckets, defined by how the three circles operate and how they interact with each other:

  1. Innovation Marketing:Create Products your Patrons will love to consume and buy,
  2. Environment Marketing: Give your Patrons a great experience when they visit and reasons to spend more when they do,
  3. Attraction Marketing:Entice Patrons to visit your Place, and visit more often .

When presented with a marketing idea, tool or technique, you can easily see where it fits, or where it doesn’t fit, in your business and exactly how should be used.  In the end, you’ll have better control of your marketing budget and the results you get.