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Attract New Customers

The lifeblood of any restaurant is new customer visits. If your restaurant isn't attracting the right new customers in the volume you need, then your business will soon wither and die. Check out these systems as a way to get the lifeblood growing. (We all it Attraction Marketing)

Motivate the hard-to-reach prospective customers to visit your restaurant for the first time using this unique system.

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Direct mail is an often overlooked, but highly profitable way to reach new customers in targeted neighborhoods.  

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Finally...Profitably drive new customers into your restaurant while helping your local school or non-profit!

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Harness the irresistible  connection of birthdays and anniversaries to  
draw guests into your restaurant... and keep them coming back.

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"Likes" don't pay the bills.  Instead, use the incredible reach of Facebook to attract new guests into your restaurant immediately.

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Increase Loyalty and Visit Frequency

Loyalty and frequent visits by your best customers are not something that organically happens.  Use these systems to improve the connection your customers have with your business (loyalty) and increase the frequency of visits.

Celebrate your best customers' birthdays and anniversaries  with them; watch loyalty, sales and profits soar. 

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Are slow sales months
coming up fast?  
See how to drive your
best guests back
into your restaurant.

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The death of direct mail is greatly exaggerated.  See how you should use it to increase guest frequency and improve profits.

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Increase Ticket Average 

We have introduced new technology to revolutionize the menu experience in restaurants  Click on Bent Oak Tablets below to see details.

Electronic menus make every guest more profitable, drastically reduce server training times, and dramatically improve customer satisfaction scores  

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Personal Consulting: Private Client Group

Intimate, exclusive access to Rod Brant in order to have direct and immediate impact to your revenues and your personal income.

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