We Help Independent Restaurateurs In the US Find Freedom and Success Through Marketing Systems That Really Work!

Restaurant owners have largely been sold a bill of goods in that they have been told better food quality coupled with better service in a better environment is what is needed to be successful, as long as they “get their name out there”.

In reality, better food with better service in a better environment is the minimum needed to compete. It only gets the restaurant in the game and will never be enough to ensure success.

At the same time, restaurant owners are deluged with marketing, advertising and PR ideas and opportunities. Dozens of schemes and systems are presented to the typical restaurant owner…every day!

That’s where we can help.

We work with restaurant owners who already have (at least) a decent menu coupled with good service in a good environment, but who understand it's is not enough...and, who are also tired dealing with the tsunami of marketing and advertising opportunities that threaten to take the fun out of owning a restaurant.

We take the confusing and make it clear:

  • We only recommend and run marketing and advertising systems proven to work
  • We don’t get caught up in the hype about the latest advertising schemes and hocus-pocus,
  • We use direct response principles in our work,
  • We believe proven, sustainable and repeatable marketing systems are best,
  • We use the IdEA marketing framework,
  • We know “getting your name out there” will never lead to success.

We do it all with no long term commitment or heavy contracts in order to make the restaurant more profitable and ultimately make the restaurant owner achieve greater success and greater levels of freedom.

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